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San Sebastián, also known as Donostia, is a delightful city on the Cantabrian coast in the Bay of Biscay. It is the capital of the province of Gipuzkoa, which belongs to the autonomous community of the Basque Country. It has a population of approximately 190,000 inhabitants known as “Donostiarras”, and is located 20 km from the French border.

It is a city where you feel the beauty and strength of the sea on its promenades and beaches, and where the mountains are always swathed in a spectacular green. Walking through its streets you will encounter beautiful buildings in the Romantic Area, manicured gardens and well laid out streets.

In terms of culture, San Sebastián is well-known for its International Film Festival, Jazz Festival and Musical Fortnight. Its “tamborrada” festival is held on January 20th and the Big Week in August. On the streets of San Sebastián you will have chance to listen to people speaking the unique Basque language.

Tourism information San Sebastián
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If possible, organize your visit to the city in advance, and remember not to miss the tapas in the Old Town, the beach and the La Concha promenade, the Miramar Palace gardens, the Comb of the Wind sculpture, the Romantic Area and the Paseo Nuevo.

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