We are experts in San Sebastián cuisine


San Sebastián is a city that is famous for its good food and for the quality and variety of its tapas, which we call “pinchos” or “pintxos”. The city and its surrounding area has several restaurants with Michelin stars, but most of all you will find lots of restaurants where you can eat splendidly at a good price.

We have prepared a practical guide to San Sebastián cuisine for you to learn about tapas and the local specialties, and to help you choose the best restaurants, bars and cider houses.

The guide provides all the information you need to enjoy our city’s cuisine to the full. You will learn the details, the customs and the words you need to feel like a local among us.

A selection of the best tapas bars and restaurants. Descriptions of the typical dishes and tapas. Customs and vocabulary for San Sebastián cuisine.

The Basque cider houses, the markets, gourmet products shops, foods with designation of origin, Basque cuisine websites. Restaurants and cider houses around the city, and companies offering gastronomic tourism. Prices of restaurants, tapas and drinks.

You won’t have to wait to receive the gastronomy guide because you can download it immediately.